NAT MUR is a homeopathic tissue remedy, and is a great choice for immediate dry mouth relief. NAT MUR works with your body to redistribute water. Excessive moisture in any part of the body is a clear indication of a NAT MUR deficiency. To learn more about #9 NAT MUR in Brick, New Jersey, and make your appointment with Dr. John Tortora contact our office at 732-295-1616.

Dry mouth is a common dental concern, particularly among people over the age of 50. When there is not enough saliva in your mouth, your teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and other problems. Saliva protects your tooth enamel from harmful bacteria, and help to break down the food particles in your mouth to promote digestion.

Dry mouth may be caused by medications, illnesses, or by other factors. If you are experiencing dry mouth, our dentist can advise you on preventive measures as well as recommended products, such as #9 NAT MUR, to help alleviate the effects of dry mouth and increase the saliva in your mouth.

For more information about dry mouth and the benefits of #9 NAT MUR, and to schedule a consultation with our dentist, please contact our practice today.