A Partial Denture Can Often Replace Multiple Extracted Teeth

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Patients suffering from dental trauma, severe periodontal disease or multiple teeth with untreated cavities are at increased risk of suffering from tooth loss. When two or more teeth are lost in a specific area it can also result in the loss of healthy bone structure. This might counter-indicate a dental implant restoration.

In a case like this a dentist like Dr. John Tortora or Dr. Munira Sulaiman might be able to provide you a partial denture. This removable dental appliance can effectively replace the basic function of your missing or extracted teeth. It will be founded on a pink base that matches your local gums.

Some partial dentures also include hardware components to help temporarily marry the unit to the neighboring natural teeth. The pink base will also closely match the structural shape of your gums. However, you might still like to apply a little denture adhesive for added hold.

If some stray food particles infiltrate the base you will need to uninstall the partial denture at your earliest convenience. It can then be rinsed and dried, before applying some fresh denture adhesive.

You will also need to thoroughly rinse and lightly brush the partial denture every night before soaking it in water and storing it someplace safe.

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