Gum Disease Signs and Symptoms

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Multiple people think that periodontal disease is an obvious condition where gums are majorly tinged and chompers are falling out, but that’s not quite correct. Gum disease comes in several types and starts out quite subtly. Learn about gum disease by reading this information we’ve put together for you.

Identifying periodontal disease can be difficult, but if you detect two or more of these signs, you may have periodontal disease. Symptoms include bloody, swollen and/or tender gums, a metallic taste in the oral cavity, gums with pouches of pus or bacterial infection, gums that are receding or teeth that look longer than usual and wobbly or lost pearly whites.

Gingivitis and periodontitis (two severities of periodontal disease) can last a lifetime, though it’s rare that gingivitis would last that long because it typically progresses to periodontitis or is healed. Unfortunately, periodontitis tends to be chronic, and when you’ve got it, you typically have to look out for it for life. With the assistance of your dentist, monitoring periodontitis doesn’t have to be tricky.

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