When you visit our practice to receive a tooth-colored filling, Dr. John Tortora will also remove your old amalgam fillings to provide you with a healthier, more beautiful restoration for your smile. Please call us at 732-295-1616 to learn more about amalgam removal in Brick, New Jersey, and make your appointment with our caring dentist.

Please remember to fill out our Amalgam Removal Consent Form prior to your appointment at our practice.

Amalgam Removal Consent Form

There is ample evidence that mercury from amalgam fillings is released as vapor when chewing, grinding your teeth, or consuming hot liquids. This mercury is found in your major organs, but there is currently no evidence that it causes or contributes to a specific disease or problem. The reason most patients want to replace their amalgam fillings is to remove this source of internal pollution.

During the removal of your amalgam fillings, mercury vapor will be released due to the drilling process. Our dentist uses a high-volume suction and a complete flushing of particles to remove almost all of this vapor from your mouth. We also place a rubber protector over the mouth opening, and use a nose mask with oxygen to bring the removal exposure to essentially zero.

We also offer detoxification options. Supplements for detoxification can be purchased online, and may be taken both before and after amalgam removal. Recommended products include:

  • Metal-X-Synergy – Detoxification. This helps support heavy metal detox from the body. You should begin taking it prior to removing amalgam fillings. We recommend that you use it 1 week before removal and for 1 month after. Dosage: 3 tablets, twice daily.
  • LV-GB Complex – Liver/Detoxification. This product helps eliminate toxins. It can be used prior to removing amalgam fillings. We recommend that you use 3 tablets twice daily for 1 month following your procedure.

Recommended supplements can be purchased through Designs for Health at www.designsforhealth.com. When you register as a new customer, use the practitioner code JOHNTORTORA and you will be entitled to a special offer on your first order. You can save 15% on your first order by using code FT15 at the checkout. This code can be used when you order online, or you can call the Customer Service Department at 1-800-847-8302.

For more information about amalgam removal and to schedule your consultation with our dentist, contact our office today.