The Advantages of a Water Flosser

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Have you ever heard of a water flosser? A water flosser is an interdental cleaner that is used to clean between the teeth with a sturdy stream of water in order to cleanse away food particles and debris. Great smiles are promising with water flossers. Here’s are some tips and advantages:

– A water flosser is easier to use than string floss and is often the perfect fit for those with arthritis or joint problems or who simply struggle to floss the traditional way.

– Water flossers may help people who wear orthodontic aligners, bridges, dentures, or crowns to clean between their teeth.

– There is scientific evidence that water flossers with the ADA Seal of Acceptance like Waterpik® can effectively wash away plaque buildup and bacteria and can also assist in gum disease prevention.

-Remember to brush your teeth right before you use your water flosser. If your joints don’t allow you to use a regular toothbrush, try an electric one.

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