What Could Cause My Bad Breath?

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Does your breath have you concerned? Do you find yourself checking your breath constantly? You are not alone; you can just look at the well-stocked shelves of gum and mints at the stores to be reassured of that. While nobody desires to have bad breath, or halitosis, there are several reasons you could have it.

The main reason you get “morning breath” is because saliva helps clean your mouth of food particles and when you’re sleeping your salivary production is decreased. It can be even worse if you sleep with your mouth open. This may lead to you having a dry mouth.

Certain medications or diseases can also be a cause your mouth to run dry. Others can release a chemical that may get picked up on your breath.

If you have chronic inflammation or infections in your mouth, nose or throat it can contribute to bad breath. Certain diseases also have a distinct odor. In young children, bad breath may be an indication of a foreign body that has become lodged in the nasal cavity.

Using tobacco products produces its own unique odor and it can lead to gum disease—another cause for bad breath.

If food particles remain in your mouth, plaque can form and may lead to gingivitis if it isn’t removed.

If you live near Brick, New Jersey, and have questions or would like an appointment with our dentists, call John J. Tortora, DDS at 732-295-1616. Our dentists may request that you to come in the morning to lower the chances that the foods you’ve eaten are the source of the odor. Dr. Tortora, Dr. Buniak and Dr. Smith may also ask that you not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for three hours prior or wear lotions or perfumes with strong scents as they could mask any odors. If you’ve been on antibiotics recently, please call us today as we may need to delay your appointment.