Why Amalgam Fillings May Need to Be Removed

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Mercury amalgam dental fillings are a very traditional dental treatment, but mercury has also been recognized as being highly toxic to your body, and can leak into your body from your fillings. The hazard of mercury fillings is gaining recognition in the dental community, and many dental patients now prefer alternatives to amalgam dental fillings and have old fillings removed. Our dentist and team are proud to offer amalgam filling removal and replace old fillings with biologically safe composite material.

The process of placing a mercury dental filling is highly invasive and can lead to many complications later in life because much of the original tooth enamel surrounding the cavity needs to be removed to accommodate the amalgam. This can weaken the tooth and even cause it to break later on and needing to be restored with a dental crown.

Another issues is the toxic nature of mercury, which can be released from the filling as a vapor whenever the filling is stimulated by tooth brushing or ground against other teeth while you eat, and you then breathe in the vapor. Dr. John Tortora strongly recommends having silver dental fillings removed.

When removing a filling, we take great precautions to protect your health with proper ventilation and air filtering so that no one is affected by the fumes. We also ensure the extracted amalgam doesn’t contact your skin by placing barriers around your mouth and skin. Our goal is to minimize any exposure to mercury before we place a BPA and mercury-free dental filling made of composite.

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