The composite and sealant materials used at our practice are BPA (Bisphenol-A) free. Our dentist provides BPA-free treatments to help ensure your continuing oral and overall health. We invite you to contact us at 732-295-1616 for more information on our BPA-free materials and treatments and schedule your consultation with Dr. John Tortora in Brick, New Jersey.

Thank you for your concern about Bisphenol-A and dental composites and sealants. From the outset, it is important to mention that BPA in significant quantities is harmful. A 1996 study known as the “Granada” study examined the significant levels of Bisphenol-A released from dental sealant and composite materials. There were many problems with this study, and unfortunately, it become a reference for many related studies and alarming opinions.

The products tested released high levels of Bisphenol-A, using Bisphenol-A dimethacrylate resin. This is NOT the compound found in virtually every other composite and sealant. Bis-GMA is the resin that bonds together the ceramic, lass, or quartz filling material together in nearly all modern composite restorations. This and other studies about Bis-GMA materials show almost undetectable levels of Bisphenol-A release, even at extreme temperatures and pH levels (extremes never found in the oral cavity).

The composite manufacturers our practice has chosen to work with use a high-quality Bis-GMA supplier who certifies that there is not even a measurable trace of Bisphenol-A impurity in the material. Even so, we test our Bis-GMA levels with a quality outside laboratory to be certain. The same excellent results were obtained.

The office of John J. Tortora, DDS has used composite materials since 1984, when Dr. Tortora stopped using mercury amalgam fillings. The present state of composite technology brings this filling material to the highest levels of biocompatibility and durability ever offered in modern dentistry.

For more information about BPA-free dentistry and to make your appointment with our dentist, contact our practice today.