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Do You Know the Cause of Dental Decay and Gum Disease? Frequently Asked Questions

Oral biofilm is the cause of periodontal disease, tooth decay and systemic inflammation.

What are biofilms?

Biofilms consist of three parts—

  1. The bacteria,
  2. The “slime” they produce
  3. A defense mechanism: Many species of bacterial cells flock together to form an intricate community. This helps protect them from your infection-fighting white blood cells and antibiotics.

Biofilms can form on just about any wet surface... (Read More)

What’s in YOUR Mouth? By Heather Mistretta

Mercury is in the air, water and soil. In fact, it’s even in the earth’s crust! It’s natural, so that’s good, right? Well, according to some, that might not be the case. And as the old adage says, too much of a good thing can be bad.

The most common way mercury is used is in dental fillings. The substance, dental amalgam, is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay.

For years, modern dentists have been using dental amalgam, but the history of its medical effectiveness can actually be traced all the way back to the Tang Dynasty around 659, with evidence of its usage appearing...(Read More)

Eat Healthy Foods This Summer to Improve Your Oral Health

Eat healthy foods this summer to improve your oral health. Although many foods are just another obstacle that stands in the way of optimum oral health, did you know that there are some foods that have been proven to actually enhance your oral health? Listed below are some helpful foods and tips for your oral health with the wonderful benefits they can offer to your smile:... (Read More)

Dr. John Tortora

Welcome to the office of John J. Tortora, DDS . We are a holistic dental practice, offering comprehensive dental care with a focus on helping you enjoy both oral and whole-body health. Our caring dentists and team strive to provide quality treatments with great longevity so that you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime. We invite you to call us at 732-295-1616 to make your appointment with Dr. John Tortora and Dr. Munira Sulaiman, and learn more about dental care in Brick , New Jersey , and the surrounding areas of Howell, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, and Toms River, New Jersey .


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Holistic Lifestyle

We Care About the Whole You

Our dentists and team care about your overall health. We always take the time to listen to your needs, and recommend ways to raise your complete health so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile as well as a healthy life. Call us today to schedule your appointment.



Tooth-Colored Restorations for Your Smile

As holistic dentists, we are aware of the long-term toxic exposure to mercury caused by amalgam fillings. We offer mercury-free fillings to provide you with a safe, beautiful, and long-lasting restoration for your smile. Contact us today and make your appointment with Dr. John Tortora.


Amalgam Removal

Achieve a Healthier Smile Today

Our practice offers amalgam removal to replace your silver fillings with composite fillings, giving you a healthier and more attractive smile. We take special care to minimize your exposure to mercury during this procedure. For more information about amalgam removal, call to schedule your consultation with our dentists.


Natural Remedies

Care for Your Smile as Nature Intended

At the office of John J. Tortora, DDS , we believe dental care should be simple, comfortable, and—most importantly—beneficial to your smile. We are pleased to offer a variety of holistic dental products to improve your oral health and your overall wellbeing by working with your body’s natural system. For more information, contact our office today.



Invisible Orthodontics for a Beautiful Smile

Dr. John Tortora is certified Invisalign® providers in Brick , New Jersey , and surrounding areas. With Invisalign, we can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile without sacrificing your teeth to metal brackets and wires. Call today to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentists.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Your Beautiful Smile, Your Way

Dr. Tortora and Dr. Farag are committed to helping you achieve a smile you love. Our dentists are pleased to offer a variety of smile-enhancing services, including (but not limited to) Invisalign®, dental veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening. We encourage you to visit our dental office to learn more about your options for cosmetic treatment and begin designing your custom smile plan with the assistance of our talented dentists.


Periodontal Disease

Healthy Gums for a Healthy Smile

Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss, and has been linked to a number of other health concerns, including stroke, heart disease, and pregnancy complications. At the office of John J. Tortora, DDS , we offer periodontal disease treatment to protect your smile before and after the development of periodontal disease. If you have noticed a change in your gum health, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.


Root Canal Treatment

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Dr. John Tortora provide root canal treatments to remove infected pulp from the inner portions of your tooth and restore the damaged tooth to proper function. We welcome you to call us to schedule your appointment with our dentists and learn more about root canal therapy.


TMJ Therapy

Life Free of Jaw & Facial Pain

If you experience tightness, soreness, or pain along your jaw, especially at the joint, you may have a TMJ disorder. Frequent headaches, stiffness, and a popping or grinding sensation are additional symptoms. Our experienced dentists encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your condition and learn more about your treatment options. We look forward to helping you find a solution and live with a smile that is free of pain and discomfort!


Dental Implants

Natural-Looking Teeth for Life

Dr. Tortora and Dr. Farag are pleased to offer dental implants for patients who have lost one or more teeth to disease, decay, or trauma. Dental implants are a popular restorative and cosmetic choice because they are sturdy, permanent, and look like a natural part of your smile. If you are missing a tooth, come see our dentists to learn more about dental implants and determine if this treatment is right for you. Love your smile again!


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