We are a mercury-free dental practice. When providing your dental fillings and other treatments, Dr. John Tortora does not use any products or materials containing mercury. This helps us enable you to enjoy a healthier smile as well as better overall health. To learn more about mercury-free dentistry in Brick, New Jersey, and schedule your appointment with our caring dentist, please contact our office at 732-295-1616.

Mercury vapor is released from amalgam (silver) fillings when chewing, drinking hot liquids, eating abrasive foods, and grinding your teeth. Though the mercury from amalgam fillings has not been proven to cause or contribute to any specific illnesses, it is a toxic substance that our bodies are forced to endure.

Those of us in the holistic community have sought mercury-free alternatives to traditional fillings. Our practice has not placed any amalgam fillings for 30 years, instead choosing tooth-colored products made using safe, mercury-free materials. Modern composites are the most common substitute for amalgam fillings. These composites are biocompatible and designed to match the natural color of your teeth.

We invite you to visit our pages about Amalgam Removal and Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings to learn more.

For more information about mercury-free dentistry and to schedule your consultation with our dental professionals, call our practice today.