The Waterpik® Waterflosser is and easier, more effective way to floss. Dr. John Tortora recommends using a Waterpik to help you remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth and improve your oral health. Contact us at 732-295-1616 to make your appointment with our dentist in Brick, New Jersey, and learn more about the Waterpik Waterflosser.

Waterflossing is effective because it removes the plaque and bacteria from in between the teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Waterflossers reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. They are very effective in cleaning around braces, bridgework, and implants. Waterflossers are also effective in controlling periodontal disease.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the reservoir with water, and add 1/3 cap full or Under the Gum Irrigant® or mouthwash as directed by your dentist or hygienist. When using the waterpik pocket tip, which is designed to clean below the gumline, place it against the tooth at a 45- degree angle, and gently move the tip on each tooth by the gumline, leaving the tip on each tooth for 2 seconds. Follow the gum line, pausing at the spaces between each tooth for a few seconds. Close your lip slightly to let the water flow into the sink.  Keep the setting on the water pick to a 7-8. For best results, do not eat or drink for 15 min after use of this irrigant. Important: Rinse reservoir and flush with warm water after each use.  

This product is sold in our office with $20 mail-in rebate.

For more information about the Waterpik Waterflosser, please call our practice today.