The office of John J. Tortora, DDS offers mercury-free, tooth-colored dental fillings to restore and enhance your smile. Composite fillings are strong, durable, beautiful, and work to strengthen your tooth to provide a true restoration of your damaged teeth, rather than simply “filling the hole.” We welcome you to call us at 732-295-1616 to make your appointment with Dr. John Tortora and learn more about tooth-colored dental fillings in Brick, New Jersey.

Tooth-colored dental fillings are used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage. Modern composites are close to 90% ceramic, quartz, or glass fillers, held together by a BPA-free resin adhesive. Our practice uses only mercury-free composite fillings, as traditional amalgam (silver) fillings weaken your tooth over time, causing fractures and permanent stains. When you visit our practice, our dentist will remove your silver fillings and replace them with healthier, more natural-looking tooth-colored fillings.

Our experienced dentist may recommend a filling after your tooth has experienced a cavity, chipping, or fracturing. Our composite fillings act to strengthen the tooth, restoring it to its original structure and providing you with a beautiful, long-lasting smile. We can complete your dental filling in just one comfortable visit to our practice.

To learn more about our mercury-free, tooth-colored dental fillings, and to make your appointment with our dental professionals, please contact our office today.