A Partial Denture Can Often Replace Multiple Extracted Teeth

Patients suffering from dental trauma, severe periodontal disease or multiple teeth with untreated cavities are at increased risk of suffering from tooth loss. When two or more teeth are lost in a specific area it can also result in the loss of healthy bone structure. This might counter-indicate a dental... Read more »

Bad Teeth Related to Heart Attacks?

One in three heart attacks cannot be explained by the usual risk factors, and cardiologists have been looking for the other common "missing" factors. The British Medical Journal reports that researchers in Finland may have discovered one of these missing factors. Persistent infection in the mouth from dental caries or... Read more »

What Could Cause My Bad Breath?

Does your breath have you concerned? Do you find yourself checking your breath constantly? You are not alone; you can just look at the well-stocked shelves of gum and mints at the stores to be reassured of that. While nobody desires to have bad breath, or halitosis, there are several... Read more »

How to Keep Your Smile in Top-Notch Condition During Baseball Season

Do you want a strong and healthy smile this baseball season? If so, our dentists, Dr. John Tortora and Dr. Munira Sulaiman, are happy to help you. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you could suffer many dental issues while you sit in the dugout, swing the bat and catch baseballs.... Read more »

Take Care of Your Smile with Porcelain Dental Veneers

When the time comes to enhance your smile with a highly effective tooth restoration, you need to ask yourself what your oral health needs and desires are. If you are simply looking to enhance the look of your teeth, a dental veneer treatment is a highly effective option to consider.... Read more »

Why Amalgam Fillings May Need to Be Removed

Mercury amalgam dental fillings are a very traditional dental treatment, but mercury has also been recognized as being highly toxic to your body, and can leak into your body from your fillings. The hazard of mercury fillings is gaining recognition in the dental community, and many dental patients now prefer... Read more »

Chronic Bad Breath Problems Might Be Related to an Underlying Oral Health Problem

Pungent foods and strongly scented beverages can sometimes cause acute bad breath, which can often be alleviated by brushing and flossing your teeth. A quick rinse with antiseptic mouthwash could also prove helpful for controlling temporary oral odors. At the same time chronic bad breath should not be dismissed. In... Read more »

Calcium in the Mouth Can Increase Decay “Cavities”

Sugars, any starch, or carbohydrates (also called EPS “extracellular polysaccharides”), play a central role in the survival capabilities of caries-causing bacteria in dental plaque, report researchers from the University of Basel's Preventative Dentistry and Oral Microbiology Clinic and Department of Biomedical Engineering in the journal PLOS ONE. Cariogenic bacteria live... Read more »

Gum Disease Signs and Symptoms

Multiple people think that periodontal disease is an obvious condition where gums are majorly tinged and chompers are falling out, but that's not quite correct. Gum disease comes in several types and starts out quite subtly. Learn about gum disease by reading this information we've put together for you. Identifying... Read more »

How Common is Dry Mouth?

To shield yourself from dry mouth, there are a few things you can do. Since the team at John Tortora wants to keep your mouth healthy always, they've assembled this post full of data about dry mouth for your education. Dry mouth impacts millions of people in the US every... Read more »