What is the Difference Between Holistic Dentists and Traditional Dentists?

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If you are wondering what the difference between holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry is, then you have come to the right place! It is important to remember, each dentist in any branch of dentistry has their own approach and style of the practice. Holistic dentistry uses their personal experience and professional study of things like acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, therapeutic massage, meditation, which are all unique and important aspects of holistic dentistry that set this practice apart from other professions.


Here at John J. Tortora, DDS in Brick, New Jersey, we have compassion and a dedicated staff who is always happy to listen and address your concerns or needs. Our team of experts is qualified and passionate about helping you in any way we can. Many medical issues and stressful conditions often impact your overall body health. However, did you know that these can also impact your oral health too? Yes, it’s true!


Our mantra here at our practice has always been “Biocompatibility Matters.” The materials we choose to use in dental restorations are free of any toxic potential. We are proud to be one of the first dentists in the United States to be a mercury-free practice. This also includes choosing not to use any silver-mercury, amalgam, nickel, fluoride, or composites that are not BPA free. We take your health very seriously, which is why we are happy to avoid these harmful substances.


We do have composite fillings that are BPA free and safe to use for your oral health. Our ceramic dental crowns also that have no metal are always used whenever possible. We strive to make sure to leave no metal exposed in the mouth that can harm your body.


Root canals are a popular treatment because they are the only way to save a tooth that is infected or become inflamed in the pulp or nerve of the tooth. Thanks to the advances in technology, the elimination of potential leakage and failure are now possible. To learn more about how we treat root canals, click here.


There are times, bacteria can occur. Bacterial biofilm can strike under the gums, leak bacteria, and cause inflammation which can reach to other organs in your body. After years of research, it has been shown that there is indeed a connection between periodontists and heart disease, stroke, and another progression of diseases including advanced diabetes. You can learn more about the bacteria here.


Periodontal disease is very common in people, and often times there is poor diagnosis and treatment of it. Luckily, we have refined a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan to ensure the health and efficiency of our treatment. We also include nonsurgical treatments and intensive self-care education. The natural use of various remedies are proven to be very effective in eliminating this condition.  Saliva testing can also be used to target and monitor oral bacteria that may be causing your poor oral health.


No matter the condition of your oral health and smile, our team is always happy and feels it is a joy to be part of your healing through our holistic dental practice. Please call us at 732-295-1616 to make an appointment today.